Xen DocDay on Jan 28 2013

Xen Document Day: January 28

Yes, we, in the Xen.org community, do care a lot about code (and project in general) documentation.

That’s why we’re having periodical Xen Document Days!

The first Xen document day of 2013 will be held next Monday, and it is open to everyone who care about Xen Documentation and want to improve it.

Everybody is welcome onboard. To jump in, just joining the Xen wiki and hang out on the #xendocs IRC channel.

For a list of items that need work, check out the community maintained TODO and wishlist. We have a few beginners items in the list. And everybody is welcome to add to the TODO list. Of course, you can work on anything you like: the list just provides suggestions.

See you on IRC : #xendocs @ freenode ! And have fun!

(This is the original announcement on the Xen.org Blog)


About dariofaggioli

Interested in CS, programming and Open Source since like forever, I'm now a very happy Virtualization developer @ SUSE. Much more important, I am a dreamer, a madly in love husband and an enthusiastic & incredibly proud father.
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