Xen NUMA Scheduling on The Register

Hey! Seems like the stuff I’m doing for Xen 4.3 made it on The Register !!! 😛

The Register on Xen 4.3 being released (July 9th, 2013)

The NUMA-aware scheduler is an important component in Xen on machines with multiple processor sockets […]

As the number of VMs climbs in the machine, the effect of NUMA-aware scheduling increases, as you can see in these preliminary benchmark test results, and presumably this will also be the case as the number of sockets increases. It gets a bit dicey when a machine becomes overloaded with work, but even then the tweaks to make Xen appreciate the eccentricities of NUMA systems seems to help some.

Also, ‘the tweaks to make Xen appreciate the eccentricities of NUMA systems’ is, I think, the best definition for what I’m doing during most of my working hours… Thanks for that too, Register!


About dariofaggioli

Interested in CS, programming and Open Source since like forever, I'm now a very happy Virtualization developer @ SUSE. Much more important, I am a dreamer, a madly in love husband and an enthusiastic & incredibly proud father.
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