nautilus 3.6: where the hell is ‘Connect to Server’ ?

From where it has been introduced in GNOME / Nautilus, I’ve always been an assiduous, diligent, consistent and zealous user of the ‘Connect to Server’ functionality. It’s just really really really convenient, that’s all about it.

So, as soon as I finished installed something which came with Nautilus 3.6 (we’re now at 3.8, and it’s pretty much the same), which I  think at the time was Fedora 18, I started looking for it, and  was quite upset when I did not actually find it!

I looked for it by clicking on the ‘gear’ icon… and failed! Then I looked for it under the ‘arrow down’ icon… and failed!



At this point I was really mad, especially as I started to think the GNOME guys could have removed it, which would have been very, VEry, VERY bad for me! Then the light. Just by chance, I clicked on window name, on the left, in the top panel (usually called ‘the App menu’ in GNOME3 jargon, see below) and found it… Phew!

Nautilus 'Connect to Server'

Oh, BTW, the same applies to ‘Enter Location’, which I also find a lot useful.

Of course, this post comes after a while that things are like this, so I guess everyone is used to the new interface right now… But, I mean, one never knows! 😛


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Interested in CS, programming and Open Source since like forever, I'm now a very happy Virtualization developer @ SUSE. Much more important, I am a dreamer, a madly in love husband and an enthusiastic & incredibly proud father.
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5 Responses to nautilus 3.6: where the hell is ‘Connect to Server’ ?

  1. Matthias Clasen says:

    Since 3.8, Connect to Server is in the sidebar as well. Something to look forward to…

    • It is indeed, and it’s really good to have it there, I think! Perhaps someone complained more (and more timely) than me!

      Thanks for the comment, I should have mentioned that in the post… 🙂

  2. And ctrl-L is a keyboard shortcut for ‘enter location’, in case you didn’t know. ‘Just typing’ works _sometimes_, but not other times. And cifs:// doesn’t do the same thing as smb:// . Top tips!

    • You know what, I didn’t know about the shortcut… Thanks! I actually don’t use much keyboard shortcut when in gnome, but this proves I should! 🙂

      ‘Just typing’, I tried, and I also haven’t figured out a way to tell under what circumstances and conditions it works or doesn’t work.

      Thanks a lot again for the comment and the tips. 😀

  3. siva says:

    thank you so much… you are a saviour 🙂


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