LinuxLab 2018, in Florence

This Monday and Tuesday (3rd and 4th of December) were the days of LinuxLab2018. It’s only the second year they’re (Develer) doing this conference, but it’s a quite good one already, at least in my opinion.

SUSE @ LinuxLab2018

SUSE @ LinuxLab2018, in Florence

For sure, it stands out in the Italian landscape of Linux technical conference… assuming there even are others worth being mentioned. I was there last year, and have been there again this year, and this year it has been even more fun!

In particular, it was rally cool to meet again and catch-up with some of my friends and mates, mostly from the Ph.D time. Interestingly enough, most of us managed to continue “doing Linux stuff”, in one way or another, over these years. 😀
I’m glad they’ve noticed this conference as well, and recognized it as a good opportunity to see what’s around –in Linux, here in Italy– as well as sharing what they’re currently doing, as I did myself.

Having skipped more than one LinuxConf (now Open Source Summits), it was a while since I saw one of the famous Jonathan Corbet‘s “Kernel Weather Report” live. And, yes, it’s still as cool as I remembered it.

My talk, this time, was about “VIRTUALIZATION IN THE AGES OF SPECULATIVE EXECUTION HARDWARE BUGS”. I think it went well… I had too much material (and I knew it!) so I had to rush a little bit. I did a so-and-so job at covering everything that I wanted to (and I sort of have the impression I’ve been given a couple of minutes less than promised! :-P), but I’m happy about the overall turnaround. And in fact, I received good feedback. 🙂

The slides, for the interested, are below (or at this link). Please notice that, although I did my best, these stuff drives me crazy all the times I try to (re-)figure out how they work exactly! So, if anyone spot mistakes, do not hesitate to point that out to me.

LinuxLab18_ Virtualization in the age of Speculative Execution HW Bugs

Thanks to the organizers for letting me attend and present, and to SUSE for letting me go. Looking forward to next year…

About dariofaggioli

Interested in CS, programming and Open Source since like forever, I'm now a very happy Virtualization developer @ SUSE. Much more important, I am a dreamer, a madly in love husband and an enthusiastic & incredibly proud father.
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