About Me

Hello! Welcome, and thanks for dropping by. I am Dario, I live in Empoli (near Firenze, Italy) with my wife and kids.

I’m a Computer Engineer (2004 B.Sc, 2008 M.Sc, from the Engineering Faculty of Università di Pisa) and I hold a a Ph.D (2012) from RETIS Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (also in Pisa).

During the Ph.D, I worked on real-time scheduling in the Linux Kernel, on the SCHED_DEADLINE real-time CPU scheduler. Afterwards, I jumped into the virtualization world and started contributing to The Xen-Project, where I am one of the maintainers of the scheduler, inside the hypervisor.

Nowadays, I am a Software Engineer at SUSE and I am still active in the Open-Source virtualization space. I still work on Xen, but also on KVM, QEMU and Libvirt.

This space hosts mostly work or work related stuff (except the blog, that hosts a little bit of everything). My full resume is available here.