About Me

Heya, welcome and thanks for dropping by! I am Dario, I was born in Fiesole (near Firenze, in Italy) in 1982 and I now live in Empoli (which is also near Firenze, Italy).

I graduated in Computer Engineering at the Engineering Faculty of Università di Pisa (2004 B.Sc, 2008 M.Sc). Afterwards, I entered the Ph.D program at RETIS Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, in (still in Pisa), and completed it in January 2012.

The Ph.D was about real-time scheduling and synchronization. I got the chance to work a little bit on the Linux kernel, and was invited to present what I was doing at the 2010 Linux Kernel Summit (I’m the one at the very bottom-left in the group picture).

Currently, I am employed by Citrix and I am working on the Xen Open Source hypervisor. My current focus is improving the support and the performances of Xen on NUMA systems.

My full resume is available here (or here, in Italian).