About Me

Heya, welcome and thanks for dropping by! I am Dario, I was born in Fiesole (near Firenze, in Italy) in 1982 and I now live in Empoli (which is also near Firenze, Italy).

I graduated in Computer Engineering at the Engineering Faculty of Università di Pisa (2004 B.Sc, 2008 M.Sc). Afterwards, I entered the Ph.D program at RETIS Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, in (still in Pisa), and completed it in January 2012.

The Ph.D was about real-time scheduling and synchronization. I got the chance to work a little bit on the Linux kernel, and was invited to present what I was doing at the 2010 Linux Kernel Summit (I’m the one at the very bottom-left in the group picture).

Afterwards, I’ve worked at Citrix,  on the Open Source Xen-Project, and I still do that (even if not for Citrix any longer). My focus is mostly on hypervisor internals. I’m the co-maintainer, of scheduling and cpupools, but I also do a bunch of other things.

My full resume is available here (or here, in Italian).