Xen DocDay on Jan 28 2013

Xen Document Day: January 28

Yes, we, in the Xen.org community, do care a lot about code (and project in general) documentation.

That’s why we’re having periodical Xen Document Days!

The first Xen document day of 2013 will be held next Monday, and it is open to everyone who care about Xen Documentation and want to improve it.

Everybody is welcome onboard. To jump in, just joining the Xen wiki and hang out on the #xendocs IRC channel.
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Using xen-tools on Fedora

Xen.org blog already hosted a very nice post by Ian Jackson, greatly explaining how useful xen-tools is for automatically installing Debian (and Debian-derived) VMs. Now, if this all happens on a Debian host, it is nice and easy, as getting xen-tools is just a matter of apt-get install-ing it. But what if your host machine runs something else, for instance, a copy of Fedora? As a matter of fact, starting from Fedora 16, Xen is quite easy to install and use on Fedora, making it interesting to cover this case too.

There is no xen-tools RPM package, thus we need to go the good old way: download the sources, compile and  install them. Luckily enough, this is not difficult at all, and this blog post will explain in details how to achieve it.
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No more .rej-s and .orig-s

Why on Earth one wants a blog if he can’t write down there that damn command that you always forgot (either entirely, or when it comes to some syntax detail, or parameter ordering, or …) ?

So, here we are, the fist post of this kind, a.k.a.:

How to remove all those .rej and .orig files, resulting from days of applying and rebasing patches, that are cluttering the output of your grep-s with stale content?

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Hello world!

Yep, “Hello World!“, I couldn’t really think about anything better that this as first post.

To be honest, I haven’t quite finished setting up everything yet, but got annoyed by seeing the WordPress‘ default first post every time I try a new theme or something so… Here it comes!

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